Month: August 2021


WORKOUT 46 of 50 We rolled into Des Moines the night before we were going to film. Feeling adventurous we decided to eat at a place that combined the magic of Zombies, hamburgers, and milkshakes. After parking on the street we ran towards the restaurant as a cold wind was cutting through all of us. …

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WORKOUT 33 of 50 We blew in and out of Indiana pretty quickly. By the time we got there, it was evening, as we filmed in Chicago, Illinois earlier that morning. The COVID pandemic had us on a tight and limited schedule. We found an amazing spot in downtown Indianapolis to film. It was cold …

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WORKOUT 35 of 50 We filmed in Nauvoo, Illinois on a muggy summer day early in June. We were meeting up for a family reunion in Illinois and Tyler and I woke up at 5 am, super early, to film so we could get it done before our family activities. This was one of the …

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WORKOUT 29 of 50 We filmed in Idaho Falls on our way up to a family gathering. I hired three professional dancers who were from a local college in Idaho, and we met them there at a designated time. It was a hot summer day, but a lot of fun to film with the dancers. …

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WORKOUT 49 of 50 Time seems to stand still in Hawaii and yet the days seem way too short. Spending a sunset evening on the bench is everything and more one would expect. It’s an incredible feeling to be so close to nature in sync with the ocean waves. We filmed on the island of …

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Gin Miller and Jenny Ford


WORKOUT 27 of 50 We flew in and out of Atlanta, Georgia, for this trip, and these were the last workouts we filmed on this trip. Jenny rolled her ankle while we were scouting out a location in Stone Mountain but still managed to film. Because it was December the golf course was shut down …

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