South Dakota

WORKOUT 14 of 50 We’ve had our adventures filming at Mt. Rushmore, two times now. The first time, we set up as close as we could to the monument and began filming a step workout on our first trip across America 6 years ago. It began to pour rain, and Tyler was trying to pull a dead rodent out of our minivan engine while I filmed.

A patrolman pulled up and shut us down about 13 minutes into the workout. We packed up and left before the police came. Years later, we went back and attempted to film a Walk Across America workout at Mt. Rushmore again. Within 10 minutes a policeman was on the scene patting Tyler down and threatening to arrest him. He wasn’t a very nice man. In the end, we got a $300 fine, and Tyler got a citation on his federal record.

We’ve since learned they have strict policies for filming on the property, even if we’re filming in the parking lot. After the encounter, we raced to the CrazyHorse Monument to finish filming the rest of the workouts before it got too dark.

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