Why Walking Workouts Work at Home

Is Walking the Best Home Workout for Losing Weight?

Life has been hectic for many people since the start of the pandemic. We were all affected in some way, and for many of us, it was our waistlines that took a turn for the worse. Yes, I’m talking about the lockdown munchies that added a few extra inches to our waistbands. Boredom eating, coupled with our inability to go anywhere, let alone a gym, meant our fitness goals most likely went to the wayside. Even today with most of the country open again, going to a gym might still feel risky for some people. And now that summer is nearing to an end, exercising outside will no longer be an option for those who live in colder climates. This means we’ll have to get creative with our home workouts for losing weight. Walking at home may be the answer.


What Are Benefits of Walking?

 The health benefits of walking range from decreased blood sugar, to improved mood, higher energy levels, and best of all, weight loss. Walking burns tons of calories and the more calories you burn, the less your body will have to store as fat. On average, walking one mile shreds about 100 calories, which is about equivalent to eating a banana. Making the effort to get in extra steps throughout the day can lead to gradual weight loss over time. Beyond weight loss and the other three mentioned health benefits, walking does a lot of good for your body. Below are a few more healthy reasons why you may want to consider making walking a part of your daily routine:


Walking Boosts Immunity. Walking regularly has positive effects on your immune system, meaning you are less likely to get sick. This is because physical exercise increases the production of white blood cells, which help fight off virus’s when you are exposed to them. People who walk regularly take 43% fewer sick days and are less likely to have serious symptoms if they do get sick. This should be welcome news for anyone concerned about falling ill, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Walking Tones Your Legs. If your legs or thighs are one of your trouble zones when it comes to fat loss, walking can help. While you can’t spot reduce, you can increase muscle mass in your thighs and calves. This increased muscle mass leads to a higher metabolism, meaning you burn more calories on a daily basis and therefore more fat. Walking, especially walking on an incline, helps to build your leg muscles, making them lean and strong. Stronger legs make your daily activities much easier. Also, they look really good in shorts.


Walking Eases Joint Pain. For those of you who suffer from joint pain or arthritis, walking may help to alleviate some of your pain. This is because walking helps to lubricate and strengthen muscles that support your joints. Studies have shown that walking just 5 to 6 miles a week can reduce pain caused by arthritis and even prevent arthritis from forming.


Walking Is Good for Your Heart. Walking at a moderate pace (just over 2 miles per hour) 5 miles per week has been shown to reduce the risk of heart problems in adults by 31%. The effects of walking on the cardiovascular system are good for improving heart health and function. This is especially important for women, as heart disease is the leading cause of death for women over the age of twenty in the United States.


What Is the Walk Across America Program?

 You more likely associate walking with being an outdoor activity rather than a home workout for losing weight. But a walking workout at home is indeed possible and effective for burning fat. It’s an easy alternative for when walking outside or on a treadmill is not an option. Walking in place gives you all of the same health benefits as going for a walk outdoors normally would. You’ll get your heart rate up, burn calories, and work your leg muscles all while in the comfort of your own home. Walk Across America is an at home walking exercise program that is designed for women of all ages to get a great workout without having to leave their living room.

The Walk Across America is a workout program designed for beginners to progressively improve their fitness. It’s a series of 50 walking workouts filmed in each of the 50 states in America. You’ll join your walking coach, Jenny, on a fitness journey that spans from the bright lights of New York City to the white sandy beaches of Hawaii. Each 30-minute workout consists of Jenny leading you through intervals of walking in place followed by different exercise movements to keep the workout interesting.

Walk Across America allows you to go at your own pace while having your own cheerleader (Jenny) to cheer you on along your journey. Each day brings a new workout and a new state to explore as you walk your way to improved health. You’ll sweat, lose weight, and explore the country all without having to leave your home.


Why Walking Is the Best Home Workout for Losing Weight


  1. No need to leave the house. Walking is one of the best home workouts for women who find it tough to slip away from their home life obligations. The Walk Across America program can be streamed on any device (television, laptop, phone, etc.) making it easy to switch on from any room in the house. The workout requires very little room, meaning you can easily clear away the mountains of children’s toys or dirty laundry (no judgement!) to make a spot on the floor to get it done. And because the workouts are pre-recorded, you’ll be able to pause when you need to stop and handle a toddler temper tantrum or dinner fiasco.


  1. Low impact exercise. Walk Across America provides low impact home workouts for beginners and people of every fitness level. This makes them especially ideal for seniors and new or expecting mothers. While walking in place will make you work up a sweat, it won’t be hard as hard on your joints as other more intense workouts would. There is very low risk for injury and the intensity level is just enough to keep you motivated, not exhausted.


  1. Losing weight requires consistency with your diet and workouts. Sometimes that can be hard to achieve, especially if you don’t have a plan. The Walk Across America program provides 50 guided workouts that take the guess work out of what you need to do to lose weight. With this program, you’ll know exactly what workout you’ll be doing and when you need to do it. The plan is already there for you to follow along with. Plus, the ease of being able to exercise from home (or anywhere) gives you less excuses not to stick to the program.


  1. No membership required. The best home workouts for losing weight are those that are inexpensive. For less than a gym membership or monthly fitness streaming app, you get nearly two months’ worth of exercises with just a one-time purchase. That means you can do these workouts over, and over again at no extra charge. You’re free to Walk Across America as many times as you please.


  1. No equipment necessary. One of the major benefits of walking is that it requires the use of your two legs and nothing else. When you follow Jenny on your journey across America, you won’t need to purchase any additional workout gear. This means less money spent and less hassle for you. Any additional gear is totally optional and not necessary. The workouts are designed to get you right into fat burning mode without any extra preparation beforehand. All you need is you, yourself, and your two feet.

Ready, Set, Walk

 COVID 19 put a damper on all our plans this past year and a half. Many of us were hoping to travel, see friends, or at the very least leave our homes without facing anxiety. It’s a strange time for everyone and, unfortunately, our health and fitness tend to go on the backburner when faced with times of uncertainty. However, it doesn’t have to. We humans are an especially adaptive species, there is very little we can not manage. Although we may not be one hundred percent out of the woods yet regarding the pandemic, we can still take charge of our health from where we are.


Walking Across America gives you the opportunity to explore the world without stepping foot outside. The pandemic hasn’t stopped you from powering through life, and it shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. You have the resources to go on creating a healthier, exciting future and it all starts with taking a walk in your living room. Go ahead, lace up those sneakers, press play, and walk your way to a fitter version of yourself.