Gin Miller and Jenny Ford


WORKOUT 27 of 50 We flew in and out of Atlanta, Georgia, for this trip, and these were the last workouts we filmed on this trip. Jenny rolled her ankle while we were scouting out a location in Stone Mountain but still managed to film. Because it was December the golf course was shut down and it was the perfect place to film workouts with Stone Mountain in the background. We filmed on the Stone Mountain Golf Club right on the waterfront on par 4, hole 8. The wind would kick up and blow my exercise mat up about 3 feet in the air which made the filming process a bit frustrating. Stone Mountain was such a unique place we only wished that we could have spent more time there. Visitors could take a tram ride to the top. It was such a surprise to see such a giant piece of granite rock in Georgia. Being from the west we missed the mountains and in the shadows of Stone Mountain, we felt right at home.

After completing the walking workout we enjoyed a meal at the Waffle House. We don’t have any Waffles House’s in the west, and it was a real treat to get some Southern hospitality. It was the perfect place after exercising for over two hours.

Jenny and Tyler met up with the one and only beautiful Gin Miller, the creator of step aerobics, for a lovely dinner at the JCT Kitchen and Bar that evening. Delicious food! Fantastic company! What a treasure and dream to meet up with her! 

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