Jenny Ford


WORKOUT 22 of 50 While in Wyoming we filmed at two different locations on different occasions. The Walk Across America workout was filmed with the Grand Tetons in the background. It was so beautiful! We actually filmed the first part four years ago. Then we added one additional section to the workout a few years […]

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West Virginia

WORKOUT 41 of 50 We filmed in Charleston, West Virginia in the morning on the Schoenbaum Stage Haddad Riverfront Park. It was December and cold, and could only imagine how beautiful it looks when all the leaves are on the trees. Would love to come back here someday when there’s a concert being held. Loved

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WORKOUT 44 of 50 Visiting Wisconsin was super fun! We filmed in downtown Milwaukee in the late afternoon right after meeting our fitness friends Aaron and his husband Mike at a coffee shop called Colectivo Coffee. They were so charming and fun to talk with for over an hour! Hoping if we ever get back

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WORKOUT 20 of 50 We filmed with the Space Needle in the background in Seattle Washington the very day we flew into Seattle. That morning we drove from Utah to Boise, Idaho to catch our flight since our direct flight from Utah to Seattle was canceled at the last minute. We arrived 2 hours early

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WORKOUT 9 of 50 We filmed in Roanoke, Virginia right in front of the Fishburn Mansion. It was built in 1907 and now citizens over 50 meet there to play cards and games. It was super quiet the day we filmed, maybe because it was a Sunday, and only a few days before Christmas.  You

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WORKOUT 1 of 50 We filmed Walk Across America  in Sandy, Utah a few weeks before the first official lockdown on Covid. This was the last time I filmed with actual participants for awhile! A few of my fitness fans and two of my cousins joined in on the workouts, as well as my three

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WORKOUT 26 of 50 Always get ready with full face make-up in the hotel before we leave for the locations. When it’s super hot, I wear waterproof mascara because of how much I sweat when teaching. What an experience to film at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. In the ground, there are 10 Cadillacs buried

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WORKOUT 45 of 50 Right before Thanksgiving we filmed in Memphis, Tennessee. We had filmed in Chicago, Illinois earlier that day, and arrived in Tennessee at night. Behind us is the Mississippi River which is hard to see because it was so dark, but we managed to catch the light on the Hernando de Soto

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South Carolina

WORKOUT 23 of 50 A few days before Christmas we filmed in Charleston, South Carolina with the beautiful Ashley River behind us at the Safe Harbor. The weather was perfect and it was wonderful to film somewhere with a flat and stable surface. After filming we ate at the Marina Variety Store Restaurant. Sunset was

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Rhode Island

WORKOUT 12 of 50 It was a blast to film on a little island off the coast of Rhode Island called Block Island. We parked our car with all our luggage in the back and took our camera equipment, mats, and step bench on a ferry boat. Once there, we rented mopeds and explored the

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