WORKOUT 20 of 50 We filmed with the Space Needle in the background in Seattle Washington the very day we flew into Seattle. That morning we drove from Utah to Boise, Idaho to catch our flight since our direct flight from Utah to Seattle was canceled at the last minute. We arrived 2 hours early for our flight so we got lunch and ate on a picnic bench before making our way to the Boise airport.

Though we were tired from the traveling, it was nice to get the filming done. We stayed in a nice Marriott Hotel near the waterfront with a beautiful view.  Because we were flying to Alaska a few days from our arrival in Washington, we had to go get a nose-probe covid test at a drive-up facility so we would have negative Covid test results before flying to Alaska.

We enjoyed eating at Duke’s in Tacoma outdoors located right on the Puget Sound on two separate nights. The view of the water was stunning, and our family loves seafood!

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