Rhode Island

WORKOUT 12 of 50 It was a blast to film on a little island off the coast of Rhode Island called Block Island. We parked our car with all our luggage in the back and took our camera equipment, mats, and step bench on a ferry boat. Once there, we rented mopeds and explored the island for a place to eat and film.

This was a super nostalgic trip for Jenny, as she traveled to Block Island for two summers as an 11 and 12-year-old to help babysit for a family for 2 weeks each summer on the beach.

On this trip, we ate at a delicious Asian restaurant called TigerFish. We only had 4 hours on the island and started to get a little worried having enough time for filming. We found a secluded beach down the Mohegan Cliff Stairway. It was 152 stairs to get down to the beach. We ended up having to climb up and down those stairs 4 times!

We hit the Block Island Trading Company to find our youngest a pail and shovels as well as to get a few towels. By the time we got back down to the beach a second time, Tyler said we’d have to film both workouts very quickly so we wouldn’t miss the ferry boat back. I had to be flawless filming these workouts, no pressure! Block Island is definitely one we want to try and get back to as a family someday soon.

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