New Hampshire

WORKOUT 4 of 50 We filmed with Mt. Washington in our background. It was so beautiful and green but was filled with horrible black flies that bit both Tyler and myself to death while we filmed the workouts. We ended up with some pretty nasty bites that itched for days after and left deep scars. We were going to try and film on the top of Mt. Washington, but it was closed. While it was beautiful, we didn’t enjoy the flies. 

A funny story, you will notice in the picture a typical gas station pump. Take special notice of the button that reads ‘Press Here’. While the family was inside for a bathroom break, Tyler was left outside to fill the gas tank. He repeatedly pushed the ‘Yellow 87’ button. Notice how there is a worn spot on the ‘Yellow 87’ button where others had pushed it as well? He became frustrated as the pump would not start. Rather than asking for help, he continued to press the ‘Yellow 87’. As Jenny returned she came over to the pump to see what the problem was. She looked at the pump where it read ‘Press Here’ and pushed the green button and everything worked just fine. Long hours and a lot of stress could account for Tyler’s mistake.

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