WORKOUT 7 OF 50 We filmed in New London, Connecticut with the Thames River behind us, as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful spot at the golden hour. We were rushing to finish the two workouts, Walk and Step, before the sunset. At this point in our journey, we had 9 states left of the 50 to film. We drove in and out of Connecticut rather quickly. If we wouldn’t have been in such a rush to get to the next state we would have driven to Danbury and New Fairfield, where Jenny lived for a few years at age 12-13, but it was almost 2 hours west of where we were, and we had to get to Rhode Island to film the next day.

There were a few protests going on in the main town square, due to the murder of Mr. George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. We had police cars circle around a few times as we were filming. We wondered if they would shut us down, but they didn’t. It was always tricky to film workouts on the road, as it was difficult to find bathrooms, and Jenny had to stay super hydrated in order to film at full strength.

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