WORKOUT 2 of 50 As a family, we flew from the Salt Lake Airport to the Columbus, Ohio Airport to begin this leg of the trip. The airport in Ohio was really dead, almost spooky quiet. All of the states had just barely reopened from the travel bans due to Covid. We decided to film first in Kirtland, Ohio in front of a historical building called the Kirtland temple, built in the 1800s. A lot of our ancestors helped build the building years ago, so it felt pretty special to be there to film.

It was a hot and muggy day. We were glad to be done filming before noon. Finding a place to use the bathroom was a bit problematic. Jenny has to keep herself pretty hydrated in order to film outside under the hot sun. All gas stations bathrooms were closed around the area due to Covid. We finally found a small store that let us use the bathroom. We headed right up to Niagara Falls to film that evening. 

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