WORKOUT 30 of 50 Oregon was the second to last state that we filmed out of the 50 states, state number 49. We loved filming at Cannon Beach, which is famously known for the beach scene in the 1980’s movie The Goonies. The sand was really solid closer to the ocean, and that made it super stable to do the workouts on without a mat easily. People were riding their bikes on the sand to give you an idea of how solidly packed it was.

The view was beautiful, and my boys had fun building sandcastles while we filmed. We ended up going back to Cannon Beach the next day to redo part of the step workout that needed refilming. No one complained about having to go back. We’d love to visit here again sometime. We caught one of my favorite family pictures of all time on Cannon Beach, after a million tries, where we were all jumping in the air. This is the last family picture we have with my oldest son.

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